TMM Industries Ltd.

TMM Industries Ltd. is a bi-national SME in both the United States and Germany.  TMM Disruptive Advanced Materials is the primary operating department and serves as the first sustainable nanomaterials manufacturer.  Our mission is to change the way nanomaterials interact with the World, by offering cost-effective solutions for environmentally-responsible production of Carbon Nanotubes, Aerogels, and their composites. 

Our current focus is increasing scale for proof-of-concept protoypes of Carbon Nanotube and Aerogel production, which we offer our strategic partners and customers.  Our CNT project grows high quality MWNTs from waste-gas emissions from factories.  Our Aerogel project produces monoliths with the need for harmful reagents or supercritical/ambient drying.  Both result in a lower cost and shorter supply chain, with faster throughput.

TMM works with universities in the U.S. and other global Nanotechnology companies in order to foster innovation and growth in the materials and additive manufacturing marketplace.  TMM has an expansive network of North American and EU partners and invites other members of the NanoCarbon Network to join in ongoing projects and offers assistance with R&D, characterization, facilities, distribution, marketing, sales, and end-user support.

Areas of competence include:

  • Manufacturing, product safety
  • Semi-finished products, prototypes

Partial competence includes:

  • Dispersion, modification
  • Binder systems, coatings
  • Engineering, simulation