Nano Coatings S.L.

Figure 1 and 2: Polycristalline diamond coatings with different orientations

Figure 3: Monocrystalline diamond plate growing inside the reactor

Nano Coatings S. L. is a cutting-edge start-up founded in October 2014. Our activities are focused on obtaining synthetic diamond plates, either monocrystalline or polycrystalline, and diamond coatings by using an own technology.

Historically diamond has been used in industrial applications due to its combination of mechanical hardness and wear resistance. However diamond possesses many other astonishing properties such as thermal conductivity, chemical inertness, optical transparency high band gap, biocompatibility and carrier mobility. The combination of all these properties in a unique material makes diamond a much appreciated material for a wide variety of applications. In this regard, diamond can be used as a heat sink in electronics or in SAW devices due to its mechanical hardness. Diamond is a dielectric material, but when doping it can be used as a semiconductor, as an electrode or an electrochemical sensor. According to its optical transparency it can be used as an optical component in photonics; and finally, diamond has always been very appreciated as a gemstone.

In Nano Coatings we have developed an advanced technological process based on CVD combined with photonics for the synthesis of diamond. This proprietary technology for diamond coatings synthesis is making us capable to produce virtually any type of diamond material.

The innovation introduced in our process allows a high growth rate of diamond and a high energetic efficiency. Nano Coatings is focused on obtaining a competitive product in price and versatility; also energy efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly. In this regard we are working hard every day to attain these objectives. Our ambition is to expand our technologies on a large number of sectors to provide new possibilities to our clients.