Enrichment Technology Company Ltd. - Germany

Possible areas of a decentral energy storage solution among other applications are grid stability, integration of renewable energies in the existing grid and industrial applications.
Drawing of the planed modular setup of the fly wheel container.

Enrichment Technology Company Ltd., a joint venture between Areva and Urenco, is  a world  leader in the production of ultra gas centrifuges for fuel production of nuclear power stations. The high efficiency has been proven for decades at several enrichment plants across the world.

Latest  developments driven by the  German branch are focussing on utilizing the experience in the field of fast rotating systems for energy storage. Based on  to the fly wheel principle electrical energy is stored as kinetic rotation energy. The product, ENwheel®, produced for Stornetic GmbH by Enrichment Technology Company Limited, would enable a decentralised energy storage concept with a long life time and a high number of load cycles per day (www.stornetic.com).

Within the competence network, Enrichment Technology Company Limited- is an important end user for parts and products made from light weight composite materials, in which carbon nano tubes will help improving the load cycle stability.